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Gaziantep University aims to reach and sustain quality in all areas of its teaching and research. It also aims to make all departments to build collaboration both nationally and internationally. It participates and will continue participating proper networks or education fairs to promote staff and student mobilities. The university aims to extend the Erasmus+ exchanges to new subject areas. Gaziantep University welcomes all visiting academic staff and Works to develop its curriculum. It encourages changes in course structure that would allow increased student mobility. Gaziantep University has a 16 years of experience in participating Erasmus program and it has been a pioneer university from the very beginning of Erasmus program in Turkey.

All students are requested to work under the supervision of their departmental coordinators and keep in contact with them and Erasmus Office during their exchange. Outgoing students are prepared and informed by pre-departure meetings and previous year’s students give their advices. Incoming students will be informed about all the accomodation and transportation options before their arrival. Gaziantep University provides a guest house for all incoming staffs and students with an affordable price.

Gaziantep University guarantees selecting participants to the program without regard to gender, ethnic origin, race, religion, nationality, social or economical background. Students with disabilities are supported with extra points during the selections according to Erasmus User’s Guide rules. While promoting Erasmus+, the university encourages students with disabilities to apply and participate daily student life. Departmental Coordinators will be in contact with all students of mobility and traineeship and follow their advancement during the exchange.

Gaziantep University intents to increase the recognization of the programme and visibility all around our city and country and as well as in an international way. According to our career planning center, students with Erasmus experience has more advantages of employment comparing to the students who did not participate the program. Erasmus grant and generally the program motivates and encourages academics to have an international experience and Erasmus Office facilitates the process for them. We expect and also hope that participating in the programme will help and motivates more employment opportunities in the labour market.


After Gaziantep University has the charter and continue using ECTS this will help recognition of academic studies in the programme countries and will help our students to be evaluated in an international level. The programme helps the participants to discover their creative skills and improves the communications skills as well as learning environment.

Erasmus+ program is promoted on its web page and throughout the campus. It will also keep Erasmus Charter on the university webpage and copies will be distributed to the departments. All our departments have good contacts with universities in program countries and they establish Erasmus Agreements with various departments. Gaziantep University ensures that all ECTS credits gained during the mobility will be recognized automatically without any attempt of students upon their delivery of their transcripts from host university. After the recognition of the ECTS credit, the degree will be traceable in the student’s transcript of records and the Diploma Supplement.