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Erasmus Extended University Charter


We search on potential partners' websites and/or we make visits to them after we are sure that they have similar departments as we have in our university and same subject lists or close contexts. We communicate by emails as well and make discussions about making agreements and reach a result. We mostly have cooperation with Erasmus programme countries but we do not have any geographical restrictions to make agreements, we have also Memorandum of Understandings with universities in USA, and Russia. We have a double degree with Community College, Northwest, London in our short cycle program. Target groups of our activities are mainly students who study undergraduate, graduate
and post graduate.

We are strategically increasing number of our cooperations according to demand from staffs and students. Because when we have more agreements but less demand then it is not usefull to spend time on. We more easily find and make agreements with programme countries for cooperation projects and we usually get positive results. 

We intent to increase the recognisiton of the programme and visibility all around our city and country and as well as in an international way. Any of our students who participated in the programme has always been more lucky to find a job or a position in a company. Our grant support and under the frame of the programme motivates our teachers to feel better while working about the programme or in thier daily work. Our participating in ECTS also helps recognition of studies in the programme countries and will help our students to be evaluated in an international level. We expect and also hope that participating in the programme helps and motivates industrialists to open job vacancies for those who have involved in the programme. The programme really teaches the participants creative skills and improve the communications skills as well as learning environment.